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XIIT Course Details :-


Pre-Nurture Program for Future Engineering/Medical Students:-

  • Foundation Program I: Class IX studying students-1 years Foundation
  • Foundation Program ll: Class X studying Students-1 year Foundation

  • Eligibility: Class IX/X studying Students

  • Classes Schedule: Regular Classes/Weekend Classes (IX & X)

Program Objective

  • The Program Lays emphasis towards building strong foundations for cracking the National Level competitive exams like IIT-JEE (Mains +Advanced), NEET, AIIMS etc.
  • The program aims to groom the student for prestigious exam like Olympiads, NTSE along with class IX & X school exams.
  • The program sharpens student's analytical skills and retention abilities via various techniques and practice.
  • To prepare a student for class X exams and imbibe self-confidence for conscious decision

Academic strategy for Class IX

  • Entire Class IX Science, Mathematics, SST, English and Mental Ability taught along with Olympiad preparations.
  • Regular class tests conducted on school pattern as well as Olympiad patterns.
  • Entire Syllabus of above-mentioned subjects shall be completed by 3rd week of December.
  • Compulsory doubt classes held after every topic revision.

Academic Strategy for Class X:

  • Syllabus of class X- Science, Mathematics, SST, English and Mental Ability taught along with the NTSE curriculum.
  • Regular class tests conducted on school pattern as well as NTSE, Olympiad patterns.
  • Entire Syllabus  of class Xth subjects  shall be  completed  by  4th  week of  October.
  • Compulsory Doubt classes held after every topic revision.



  • Duration 2 years
  • Eligibility X pass & XI Studying Students

  • The Program is targeted towards students who understand the need of an early start to success in the school and competitive exams.
  • The program greatly covers both IIT-JEE/MEDICAL and CBSE preparation; where XIIT Academy faculty take extensive care to initiate the child with basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and then smoothly transiting to higher level of learning, understanding and retaining knowledge.
  • The program equips the student with a very solid foundation of conceptual knowledge. analytical thinking, logical analysis and problems solving skills, with the confidence to leave no stone unturned for success.
  • Our specially designed syllabus covers every topic of IT-JEE /Medical entrance exams in step by step manner with a confident backup to XI & XII class exams
  • Regular and surprise tests are conducted to encourage students to be prepared and dedicated towards their studies at all times. It also helps in judging the performance level of the students.


TWO year School Integrated IIT-JEE & NEET Program (Schooling & Coaching under one roof):-

  • Course Description:- Duration 2 years
  • Eligibility X pass & XI Studying Students
  • Schooling & Coaching under one roof.
  • Classes 6 day in a week.
  • Complete Coverage of CBSE PCM/PCB with JEE/NEET syllabus.
  • Weekly test objective along with subjective paper.
  • Along Phy, Chem, Maths, Bio, English and Physical Education well by taught.

Course is divided in 2 academic sessions

  • Session I : During the first academic session in XI class, the entire CBSE syllabus of PCMB for XI and in depth conceptual understanding for IIT-JEE/NEET, is taught to the aspirants. The syllabus will be completed by end of January, and the students are given a break of 4-6 weeks to appear for their class XI school exams..

  • Session-II : In class XII, the entire syllabus of PCMB is completed, thereafter regular tests, topic discussions and doubt clearing classes are held, to induce greater focus on accuracy and speed in problem solving.The Class XI competitive syllabus is simultaneously revised to keep the students updated for the entrance exam the following year .

  • Tests and discussions are regularly held for practice and sharpening the student's understanding and Knowledge.


One year Regular Engineering/Medical Program for XII Passed:-

  • Course Description:- Duration 1 years
  • Eligibility Xll pass Students
  • The program is aimed at sharpening the existing skills of the students by including both conventional and non-conventional approaches to the subjects concerned.
  • The program is for aspirants who have appeared / passed Class XII exams, and want to appear for the entrance exams the following year.
  • The program is meant for Engineering aspirants who did not take any specialized coaching during their class XI/class XII.
  • The conventional approach will help students master the concepts whereas the non-Conventional approach will thrust an insight to solve the problems quickly.
  • The program will comprise the teaching of entire IIT-JEE /Medical syllabus of class XI & XII: with repeated tests to sharpen the knowledge and problem solving skills of the students continuously.

WHY XIIT Academy ?

Maximum learning with optimum teaching

XIIT Team approaches the comprehensive learning processes which is way beyond just classroom coaching centres. XIIT adopt more of practice sessions with hand on narrative of very basic of each and every topic. Time management is the key to success for every student and XIIT do respect this valuable key, which XIIT team encouraging its students to adhere timings, however donot complete the learning process in a hurry.Our focus is on mastering the given chapter before jumping to next chapter.

Personal care and proper attention

XIIT is focusing on smaller size of team of students. The team strength XIIT recognizes each and every student as per competence level of every individual and distribute the team as per their skill and knowledge wise. XIIT completely understands the fact that meritorious students and academically challenging students canot be clubbed together. This team selection process help us to enhance the skill and knowledge level to meritorious students as well as core faculty of XIIT set to academically challenging students to reach at par of meritorious ones.

Teaching with human touch

XIIT touches this very effective tool of learning. XIIT treats its student as their own child and donot consider them as computer or any machine. XIIT works on very psychological and emotional aspect of each student and exercise calculated distribution of study materials.

Tests with analysis

XIIT has created a very practical approach of testing their student. XIIT adopt online assessment environment exactly as in various competitive examination like JEE, PET, IIT, JEE Mains, JEE Advance and NEET. This method removes all the fear factor of national level of examination. No wonder the XIIT students find themselves at very comfortable situation during these examinations.

Earned scholarships

At XIIT, every student has the equal chance to earn scholarship on the monthly basis, The sole criteria is the performance in the monthly test.

Experience Teachers & Counselor

Above all, we have a pool of highly qualified, experience team of teachers & counselor, who willed the entire learning process of your ward.

Course Details


(science, math’s, MAT, English & SST) CBSE + Competitive level (NTSE, JSTSE, OLYMPIAD, P-RMO & other competitive exam)


2-year regular classroom programme
X moving to class XI for (IIT JEE MAIN & Advance + NEET + CBSE)


1 year classroom programme for XII pass students (IIT- JEE main, advance / NEET + CBSE)


(schooling & coaching under one roof) 2 year school integrated programme X moving to class XI (IIT-JEE main, advance / NEET + CBSE)

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XIIT Academy aims to create excellence in IIT-JEE/NEET programs. We make our students understand and practice the curriculum, until it becomes integral to them. Our unique differentiator is that we develop a robust problem solving approach among students, along with clarifying their doubts and problems.

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